Capture card that supports four ZEDX cameras

Hi All,

Is there a recommended capture card that supports four ZEDX cameras? We are trying to test four ZEDX cameras with our nvidia jetson orin agx, but I mistakenly purchased the wrong capture card (E3653-A03 from leopard imaging) thinking it supported four stereo cameras ( :man_facepalming:t5:). Now, I am looking for any capture card that supports running four ZEDX cameras on with the nvidia jetson orin agx.

Any suggestions, advice, or recommendations are greatly appreciated!

Stephen Abraham

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Hi @woudie-swap
we are working on a new GMSL2 capture card that supports up to 4 ZED X cameras on AGX Orin/Xavier.
It will be available soon in our online store.

Hi @Myzhar,

Excellent, that’s great to hear! Do you know how soon - like next week soon or next month soon? Are there any immediate recommendations? We are trying to validate some applications using four ZEDX cameras asap

Hi @Myzhar ,

just wanted to follow up on the above comment - when can we expect to see it available? additionally, does the existing stereolabs drivers support four zedx cameras? particularly interested in potentially using: RTST-GMSL001 from realtimeai or LI-JXAV-MIPI-ADPT-4CAM along with the LI-GMSL2-IPX-DESER from leopard imaging.

Leopard has also mentioned that their E3653-A03 can support four stereo cameras - would the current drivers allow for up to four zedX cameras on an orin agx dev kit? if not, what would be the recommended approach for supporting four ZEDX cameras on an orin agx dev kit?


We are currently working with RealtimesAI for the RTST-GMSL001. I don’t have a precise ETA for the driver to be compatible with it.
LI-JXAV-MIPI-ADPT-4CAM with 4 Deser is compatible but requires a custom DTS for it.
To create your own DTS/Driver, you can access the source code through a private github repository (requires NDA for it. Contact Support for that).

We are also working with Leopard Imaging for a new DualDeser card similar to the E3653. Currently the E3653 cannot support 4 stereo cameras at full speed with all the motion sensors associated (i2c routing limitations…)

Hi @obraun-sl,

Oh I see, yes I have also been discussing this with RealtimesAI and they have requested information regarding the driver developed by Stereolabs (which I do not personally have), but I guess since it seems to already be in progress - perhaps the engineers I have talked to are unaware. I will try to bring this up with them to get clarification. Even if you don’t have a precise ETA, is there a ballpark estimate for it? is there an ETA or ballpark estimate for when we can expect to see the DualDeser card?

Hello @woudie-swap,

We are still waiting to get our hands on RealtimesAI’s solution. The integration for this one might be done by the end of June or early July.

On the other hand, as Olivier said, we are already working on a new capture card compatible with 4 ZED-X. It should be ready for a release in Q4 of this year. I hope this help!

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Hi @Myzhar,

is the new capture card going to be compatible only with the AGX Orin/Xavier or would it be possible to upgrade the Orin NX with that, too?

Our target is to support all the Xavier/Orin models

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