Cant retrieve magnetometer (angle) from zed x camera

Hi everyone,

Our team is developing an application using the ZED X camera and the ZED SDK. Whilst there are things explained for the Zed 2, we havent found the angle of the camera (magnetometer data) We’re aiming to achieve accurate object location within the environment. To achieve this, we believe accessing the camera’s angle programmatically is crucial.

We’ve thoroughly examined the API documentation but haven’t found a dedicated function for retrieving the camera angle.

We’d greatly appreciate any insights or best practices from the community on how to approach this challenge within the ZED SDK

Hi @Willem
the ZED X cameras are not equipped with a magnetometer sensor.

I see, only the zed 2 , thats very unfortunate. Any thoughts on how to determine the exact location of the detected item? We thought to use the:
Angle camera
Centre of the bounding box
Best willem