Can't create static zed library in linux?

Hello everyone, I’m struggling with setting up a static library with zed. I have seen that you can install the static libraries for zed but when I try to run an example with the shared option OFF i get the following error:

I’m building for the Linux environment, cuda 11.4 is installed. I can compile the app perfectly by doing a shared library.

Am I missing something? I think it’s failing because of CUDA but I haven’t found how to clearly fix this…

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Can you add these library into your cmake and link with them ? These libraries are from nvidia, I guess you are on jetson ?

Hey alassagne, thanks for answering!
Yes! I’m building this repo inside a Jetson. I’m using the standard CMakeLists.txt found on the official github repository, I have tried to find more info from the libraries missing but I get no results :frowning: Ill try to add them manually later on the cmake but I don’t really know how should I do that :sweat_smile:

Can you look for these files in your jetson disk ? Then, you should include the directory they’re in as a link directory in cmake.