Cannot find where to download ZED X Driver

I am following the instructions here: Setting up ZED X on AGX Orin / Xavier Developer Kits - Stereolabs

It tells me to go download the .deb file for the ZED X drive but I cannot find it on the site it recommends. I can only find download links to the ZED SDK

I am using a docker container to run my ZED X Mini and I don’t need the SDK since it is installed in the container already. I just need to install the gmsl2 zed x driver on the host.

Where can I find it or do I have to install the SDK on my host and that will do the gmsl2 driver install for me ?

Hi @stark117
the Stereolabs website has been upgraded and now there is a webpage dedicated to the GMSL2 drivers:

We are updating the documentation to match this modification.