Can you store all values of detected Objects into some sort of Table?

Hello guys,

i am currently working on a semester project to track cars and bicycles and measure the distance between the two by using the xyz coordinates of the detected objects.

Now i want to create a list with all the the detected objects with their respective data like xyz values, velocity, id etc. to store them permenantly outside of the svo file. Is there a way to create a list with all the objects? I know that the date of the object list is stored in a vector but i cant figure out to make a proper list.

The plan is to store all the data and potentially teach an AI to seperate cars and bicycles better and to write an algorithm which automatically detects a “take over maneuver” of said objects.

Thank you for your help!

Hi @sebbijay
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You can simply create a CSV file frame-by-frame with all the information you need to save.

Thanks for the reply!
I tried the GStreamer but i cant get the CMake program to compile the gstreamer sample code from GitHub because it cant detect the gstreamer even tho it is installed.
I am mainly working with the “birds eye viewer” example und just need to get the data of the detectep objects into the csv file but i sadly couldn’t figure it out.

Why GStreamer? It does not allow you to save the detected object information in a CSV file unless you write your own plugin.

What code language are you using?

Ditched the GStreamer. When i googled it together with the ZED 2 it led me to a doc page vom stereolabs explaining CSV files with gstreamer.

I am coding in c++ and trying to implement a csv solution into the bird eye viewer program.

OK, you can use the code here as an example:

We used an output file stream to save CSV line by line (std::ofstream* out_file_ptr;).

This is the code to save the header:

and here you save all the information (IMU data in this case) line by line: