Can this camera output the point cloud of specific location in the image

Here is my idea:
I want to use python + YOLO +zed 2i to get the position of the objected being detected. Can I use to get the point cloud and coordinate of specific location in the image? For example, object inside the YOLO detection box, can I get the point cloud information and coordinate information inside the box and ignore the outside information?
Besides, I want to know, when I use Python API sl.Camera.retrieve_measure(), how can I use GPU to speed up. I can not find type=sl.MEM.GPU, there is only type=sl.MEM.CPU, but my computer definitely has a GPU.
Thanks, looking for your reply!

Hi @ujs1514lee
I start from the last question. Currently it is not possible to use the retrieve_measure to store data in GPU memory with the Python language, only C++ allows this:

Regarding the first question, at the moment we do not have API functions that allow to extract a region of a point cloud contained in a 3D bounding box.

PS We could add this feature in one of the next release of the SDK.