Can i send Zed 2i position data via wifi or internet?

I am working on Zed 2i and UE4.27. The type c cable is not long enough. can i connect the Zed 2i to an Intel NUC and send the Position and Rotation data via wifi or internet by using ZEDLiveLink.exe?
Or i have to use the Jesson TX2 to send data?

Is there any doc can guide me how to make it? Thanks.


Currently the best is to use a Jetson Nano /TX2-NX to stream the data from the camera to your PC that runs livelink.

This will captures images from the camera through the network, process the images and output a livelink stream to Unreal.

Note : If you need Jetson Plug-and-Play boxes, we also provide them on the website :

For what you want to do, the TX2-NX version is more than enough