Can I run the C# body tracking system without exe?

The exe file is currently working without any problems. The way I run it is as follows: I have a different windows form with C#, and I can run the exe file with the parameters I want with a button in this form. But what I want is to remove the exe event and give parameters and code directly from the C# form file . I’m trying to make a project similar to the one in Zed hub, but completely customizable. I want to integrate all the tracking code into the C# form code and be able to change it via the form. Is it possible to do it without using exe? If not, should I recompile the exe again via cmake every time I change the mainwindow.cs code, or does the exe file automatically read and run the code when I change the code?
This is the form and the ZED_Body_Tracking.exe file I was mentioned

Hi, getting rid of a .exe file just makes no sense. It is your application. If you remove it, you don’t have an application anymore.

Do I have to recompile the build file with cmake every time I change the mainwindow.cs ?

Yes. C# needs compilation. If you don’t want compilation, use python