Camera tracking

If i rotate zed very slow,the camera tracking is static,someone konw how to fix this?

Hi @YaoDaDi666
please record an SVO replicating this behavior and share it with us.

What ZED SDK version are you using?

When i click recoder svo on unreal,the unreal is crash

i use zed 4.0.5,and cuda 11.8

Can i have your facebook and send my test video to you?

Please try to use ZED Explorer

in sensor viewer i can see the model rotate even i rotate very slow,but on unreal the camera is static.And i test your unreal zed livelink and the unreal ue5 sample,and the result is same.

Can you help me with this problem?

Hi @YaoDaDi666,

Did you check that “Set as Static” is not ticked in the “Tracking Parameters” on the BP_ZED_Initializer actor?
If that does not solve your issue, please send an SVO reproducing it. You can record it using ZED Explorer, then test it in Unreal, send send it to us.