Camera streaming receiver has a lot of compression artifacts on Windows but not on Linux with same GPU

When running on two different laptops both with RTX3070 GPUs, one running Linux and the other running Windows, the stream is near perfect on Linux but has a lot of compression issues on Windows.

Both GPUs average ~40% load (for video decoding only) which seems quite high.

The laptop on Linux receives the stream through Wifi while the one on Windows is connected via a cat7 ethernet cable to the router.

Here is a video showing the issue

Any ideas of what can be done to improve the stream on windows ?

Thanks !

Hi @apirrone
welcome to the Stereolabs community.

Can you please provide more detailed information on the configurations that you tested?
How were the receivers configured?
How were the senders configured?
What is the connection type in both cases?

I’m sorry, but it is unclear if you only used different senders and the same receiver, but other connection types, or if the receivers were always of the same type of the receivers…

Hi @Myzhar, sorry for the confusion, here is more precise information :

  • All computers are connected to the same router.

  • There is one sender computer, which is running Linux.

  • The sender script (‘’ from GitHub - stereolabs/zed-examples: ZED SDK Example projects) is configured with H264 encoding and a bitrate of 8000

  • There are two receiver computers, one is running Linux, the other one Windows (11)

  • Both Linux computers are running Ubuntu 20.04.

  • On the receiver side, both computers are laptops with RTX3070 GPUs.

  • The Linux receiver is connected to the router via wifi

  • The Windows receiver is connected to the router either via ethernet (cat7 cable) or wifi, it does not seem to make any difference on the issue we have.

  • The same python script is launched on both receiver computers (‘’ from the samples provided in GitHub - stereolabs/zed-examples: ZED SDK Example projects)

  • We observe very little to none compression artifacts when receiving with the Linux computer, but a lot of them with the Windows computer.

  • We observe the same issues wether both receiver computers are receiving at the same time or not.

  • Both receiver computers show a ~40% GPU usage for decoding video, but the sender computer show about 5-10% GPU usage for encoding video.

I hope this is clearer.

Thank you for your help !

Hello apirrone,

Using H264 encoding makes you vulnerable to everything that involves GPUs. I mean for example, drivers. Are you up to date with nvidia drivers ? What is your version?
Also, since you use laptops, you are not sure that you actually use the GPU and not the intel graphical chipset. For that, you have an option of windows with the right click => “run with dedicated graphic card”. You can also tune these options in the nvidia control panel so that your program automatically uses the right GPU.

Thank you, I will try this out !