Camera stream failed to start

Hi everyone!
Try to Start an example

But ZED camera is failing to start.

I have python version 3.8.1

I am not able stream the camera .

Any help to this would be appreciated.

Kind Regards,
Kshama Ramesh

Can you share the code or output log?

Also, are you trying the streaming via the network module or your camera just does not start via python?

Hello ,

I could open the camera on ZED explorer tool but I am finding the issue with the of

Code for it is below:

import as sl
zed = sl.Camera()

Set configuration parameters

init_params = sl.InitParameters()
init_params.camera_resolution = sl.RESOLUTION.HD1080 # Use HD1080 video mode
init_params.camera_fps = 30 # Set fps at 30

Open the camera

err =
if err != sl.ERROR_CODE.SUCCESS:

These are following specifications:
OS :windows 10
CUDA Version: 11.0
ZED Toolkit: 3.4.3
Graphics card:Nvida GeForce 680

So will the SDK work ?
In the official website they have given that Nvidia Compute capability must be greater than 3

But I have graphics card compute capability as 3

Kind Regards,
Kshama ramesh

As per CUDA GPUs | NVIDIA Developer your card compute is 3.0, not greater than 3.0. I am afraid you need a more beefy gpu to get it to work with your zed camera.