I am working with nvidia jetson xavier NX with zed2 camera.
I will explain my problem:

At the first run i have no problems,as soon as the code goes in error (missing a file,logic error,etc… ), the container restarts and the camera starts to give problems with errors such as CAMERA STREAM FAILED TO START or LOW USB BANDWIDTH, it seems that the camera randomly generates the error, the only way to solve the problem is to disconnect the USB cable of the camera and reattach it on the same USB port and everything works until it restarts for an error in my code and I return to the initial problem where I have to disconnect the cable.

More than a hardware error, it seems to me that when it locks due to my error, the camera remains open or part of the resources are occupied, is there something I can do from the code so as to avoid disconnecting and attaching the cable manually?


Hi @saromano
if you are using the latest ZED SDK release you can use the sl::Camera::reboot static function to reboot the camera without unplugging it: