Camera sensitivity under direct sunlight

I am new to computer vision and want to select a depth camera to detect terrains and especially stairs and calculate stairs step size.
In my application, I want to use that in indoor and outdoor. So the camera should be able to work under sunlight.
Is it can be a good choice or there are other options?

Hi @Hamed
all the ZED devices currently on the market are based on passive stereo vision technology, so they can extract depth information in indoor and outdoor environments.

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Thanks for your reply.
Actually, I want to select between Intel D435i and Zed 2. But it is important for me that the camera work under sunlight and has a good depth accuracy in that situation. Do you have any recommendations?
I want to use that for stair detection and step size calculation based on depth information.

As long as the stairs have a good texturization level you are sure you can use the ZED2 to extract precise depth information and calculate the step size.
Furthermore, the ZED SDK provides useful functions to extract planes that can help you with this kind of tasks.
If the stairs have homogeneous color the QUALITY depth mode is good to estimate depth with reliability.

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