Camera Rig Setting


I’m currently implementing a Unity app with HTC Vive pro2 and Zed mini.
In this app, I want to show the zed mini frame only at a specific moment.
(e.g., In the initial stage, just show the virtual scene, but after some interaction, I want to show the real world view by zed mini, and then turn off the zed camera again & just show the virtual scene, and then repeat.)

To use HTC Vive pro2, in the unity scene, I’m using “STEAM VR’s camera rig”.
But I think I also need to use the zed rig stereo too…

It this case, how can I place those rigs? (e.g., in which hierarchy?)

Now I put the zed rig at the same level with the Steam VR camera in the rig prefab,
but I think it does not work as what I intended…

Thank you for your help in advance!


Do you need to have both rigs in the scene? Would it work if you only use our Stereo camera rig and disable the planes where the images are drawn when you want to only see the virtual scene?

Benjamin Vallon

Stereolabs Support


Thank you again for your help.
I tried to add only zed stereo rig, and removed steamVR rig from the scene.
And, now the unity works as I wanted.
But I still have some problems… Now, the scene is only rendered in the PC unity scene, not in my HTC Vive HMD…

I think it’s because I removed steamVR rig.
So I add a steamVR camera helper (which is added to the steamVR rig) but it doesn’t work.
Only the black screen is rendered in the HMD while the zed mini frame & VR scene is well rendered in the Unity game scene screen haha…

Any of your guesses on the solution will be very helpful.

Thanks a lot!!!