Camera reboot at midnight?

Hi Stereolabs,

Every night, just after midnight, I see my Docker container restarting, because of a network disconnection issue.
I can replicate the Docker events (network disconnected, container die, network connected, container start) by unplugging the ZED 2i camera.
When I unplug the network cables, nothing happens.

Is there some sort of daily task scheduled to reboot the camera?

Some relevant configs:

  • The Docker is started with the --privileged flag
  • The /dev folder is mounted into the container
  • The network_mode equals host.

Hi @gartangh
are you using a Docker image provided by us or did you create your own?
The ZED SDK does not have any kind of automatic scheduled reboot feature that can justify this behavior.

Please provide us with more detailed information to help you understand this problem.

I installed ZED SDK 4.0.3 inside one of NIVDIA’s L4T PyTorch containers myself.

The behavior you described is not related to the ZED SDK. You should verify your power settings.