Camera-IMU transform in ZED Open Capture

When using the ZED SDK we can get the static transform between the IMU frame and the left camera frame by calling getCameraInformation. This retruns, among other things, the camera-IMU transformation sl::Transform camera_imu_transform.

Unfortunately, this is not available in the ZED Open Capture library which I’m using for my application. Could you explain how the IMU-camera transform is being calculated by the SDK?
To me, it’s not apparent how you could retrieve this information from the camera’s calibration file. Is this transform calibrated on a per-camera basis or is it a fixed transform based on the ZED’s blueprints?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @ykompis
sorry for the late reply.
The transform is fixed and based on the PCB blueprints. So you can use the same data provided by the ZED SDK.
Can you please open a “Feature request” issue in the ZED Open Capture repository?