Camera Hardware Failure During Streaming (Requires Unplug)

I’m running the Camera Streaming Sender example, and over the course of a few hours running 4 cameras and fusion, I have seen multiple camera hardware crashes on the sender with this message:

.......................[ZED][ERROR] [Grab]  Failed to recover image capture... Timeout.
[ZED][WARNING] CAMERA NOT DETECTED in sl::ERROR_CODE sl::Camera::grab(sl::RuntimeParameters)
[ZED][Grab] Detected Connection Failure. Trying to recover the camera with sn 37415635 ...
..[ZED][INFO] [Grab]  Camera module reset

The fusion server eventually times out with the message:
packet queue is empty, aborting

Trying to restart the sender does not work, and gives the message:

[Sample] Using default resolution
[ZED][INFO] Logging level INFO
[ZED][WARNING] CAMERA NOT DETECTED in sl::ERROR_CODE sl::Camera::open(sl::InitParameters)
Camera Open : CAMERA NOT DETECTED. Exit program.
[ZED][ERROR] [ZED] sl::Camera::Open has not been called, no Camera instance running.

The only solution that has worked thus far is unplugging and replugging the USB for the camera. This has happened on two cameras, so I don’t think this is an issue of a bad camera, or hardware failure. Would love to hear any suggestions.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll share it with the team so they can investigate this.

What power mode are you using on your jetson using POE?

Stereolabs Support

I believe it was 6 cores 15W.

Did this get resolved? we have the same issue.