Camera Calibration

Hi~ I got a problem.
Have the images and depth maps taken with the Zed Depth Viewer been self-calibrated?

Hi @zsw360720347
all the cameras are delivered after a very precise factory calibration, so you do not normally need to re-calibrate your camera by using the ZED Calibration tool.
The self-calibration is instead a powerful feature of the ZED SDK that after opening the camera uses the very first frames to fix slight modifications to the factory calibration generated by temperature changes and little camera bumps.

If you are experiencing anomalies with depth estimation, if your camera fell down and received a strong bump, or you are using it in a case with thick glass in front of it, then you can use the Calibration Tool to generate new calibration parameters.

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I got it, Thanks for a lot~

Hello, Can I ask a question here? In my use case, the ZED2 is installed in the car, so there is a thick glasses before the stereo camera. How will it affect the stereo parameter from the calibration? c


Hi @leiwan
a glass, if not perfect can act like a lens, so a new calibration is required to obtain good depth measures.
You can use the ZED_Calibration tool or you can follow the classical OpenCV approach with a chessboard: How to Calibrate your ZED camera with OpenCV | Stereolabs