Camera add to HUB fail for Jetson Jetpack 5.1.1


Trying to setup fusion for cameras running of Jetsons with Jetpack 5.1.1 (L4T 35.3.1, CUDA 11.4)
Understanding here is, to add cameras to the Hub cloud platform, install edge agents and camera viewer app, run zed360 to calibrate cameras and save config file out to be used with further applicaitons.

Problem here failing to add cameras to the hub, here is the trail:

Edge Agent 0.55.3 installer for P11 97
Analysing operating system and platform
Downloading installer for Ubuntu 20
/tmp/ 100%[=========================================================>] 114.88M 7.88MB/s in 16s
Installing certificate
Running Edge Agent installer
Verifying archive integrity… 100% All good.
Uncompressing ‘ZED IoT 0.55.3 SDK by Stereolabs’ 100%
ERROR: Architecture not supported. Installer made for Ubuntu Desktop (x86_64) only.

Looks like Edge installer is not compatible with jetpack 5.1.1? How can I aciheve fusion with this setup? Is there a way to calibrate cameras witout adding to the HUB?

Hello and welcome to our forum,

We plan to release the Edge installer for L4T35.3 this week. However, I’m afraid you are getting a very old version here (0.55). Are you using the right ZED Hub tenant ? It is located at

Hi Antoine,

You are right I was using wrong tenant. Will give a try now and will heep you updated. I have also 4.6.2 jetpack devices, so I can test.

I just realized I did not answer all your question. Hub is not mandatory to use Fusion, it’s just easier but you can proceed without it.
Unfortunately our tool ZED360 is not made to calibrate network cameras without zed hub right now. However, you can calibrate them while being plug with USB, and then modify your calibration file according to this documentation : Fusion | Stereolabs
Precisely, you’ll just need to change LOCAL_NETWORK to INTRA_PROCESS.


Thanks for help. I can’t see cameras on the HUB throught the Room setup, when connected with credentials I can see spaces, but no cameras. Do I need at local streaming parameter to the app config to enable local streaming?


Sorry, this workflow lacks documentation. To see your cameras, you need them to be publishing data. For that, you can either create your app that use the startPublishing function, or use the app we provide named Edge Body Tracking.

Hi there, has Edge installer for L4T35.3 been released yet?

Yes it has, it came out end of July.