Calibration results on 2k resolution

Hi, I recalibrated the zed 2i using 2k resolution(because i saw the public recommended use 2k resolution to calibrate ),and I want to know the scaling ratio from 2k resolution to HD(1280x720) resolution. I need to use the calibration parameters of HD resolution.
Thank you!


You can use our tool ZED_Calibration to calibrate your camera. It will create a calibration file for all resolution.
You can also use the factory calibration that’s automatically retrieved by the SDK.

Can i use your tool ZED_Calibration in underwater environment?
i intend to integrate my own stereo matching method and then perform post-progressing with OpenCV, such as converting the disparity map into point cloud and other operations.
So,i think using OpenCV for calibration might be more suitable,isn’t it?

Indeed, you can’t.
We provide tutorials to do the calibration with OpenCV: How to Calibrate your ZED camera with OpenCV - Stereolabs

As for making your own stereo matching, if you require a good performance and accuracy you should definitely use ours :slight_smile: You can still use the ZED SDK with a calibration from OpenCV.

So I can only use OpenCV for calibration now, but if I calibrate directly with HD resolution, it seems that the error is greater than using 2K resolution. But I can’t use too big a resolution right now, I can only use HD resolution or a resolution smaller than it

The calibration may be different for every resolution, you should calibrate for the resolution that you will need.