Building ZEDLiveLink.exe (Mono) with UE 5.3.2

I am using the latest ‘zed-livelink’ from GitHub, ZED SDK 4.0.8, Unreal 5.3.2 on Windows 11.
I can run the release version (mono) ZEDLiveLink.exe without any issue with the LiveLink source appearing the ZEDUnrealLiveLink.uproject (on the same machine).
If I build the ZEDLiveLink.exe myself, it builds and runs, but does not show up as a source in the Unreal project. Anyone have any idea why it behaves differently ? Is the ZEDLiveLink.exe in the release folder built with UE5.3.2 or a different engine version ?
Thanks for your help.


It’s not built with 5.3.2, but UE 5.2.
We’ve had issues with the current implementation and 5.3, and have been working on a new sender implementation that will be compatible with 5.3 (and should be retrocompatible, even) and not require the complicated source build process currently in place.

It’s currently undergoing validation tests, and we’ll release it as soon as we can.
Given that it’s getting released soon and completely changes from the current implementation, we won’t be able to fix the issue with 5.3 and the current plugin, sorry. :disappointed: