Build app in Unreal 5 using Live Link


I’m wondering how to build an app using ZED Live Link?

How to stay connected to Live Link when launching a build or editor?

How to connect at launch?

Hey @melt , welcome to the forums

I don’t think building an app with ZED Live Link is not different from building another UE5 project. Please refer to the unreal doc for further instructions.
However, I think you should build in Development, there may be an issue with the Shipping mode.

What do you mean by stay connected?

To connect at launch, take a look at the blueprint we use for the connection and put the pertinent nodes after the BeginPlay, with the right values.

make a livelink preset and use in level blueprint a console command to call that preset:
LiveLink.Preset.Apply Preset=/Game/NewLiveLinkPreset.NewLiveLinkPreset

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