Bug: Tons of log spam from new SDK (4.0.8)

After updating from 4.0.7 to 4.0.8, the SDK spams the console output with these messages on every frame:

Compute Fern 0.755ms
Compute Color 0.11ms
Compute Fern 0.782ms
Compute Color 0.195ms
Compute Fern 0.871ms
Compute Color 0.185ms
Compute Fern 1.065ms
Compute Color 0.127ms
Compute Fern 0.797ms
Compute Color 0.155ms
Compute Fern 0.813ms
Compute Color 0.124ms
Compute Fern 0.798ms
Compute Color 0.146ms

Would be nice to have a hot fix for this, it’s kind of a problem for our logging system, and is a showstopper for 4.0.8 from my POV.

This happens even when sdk_verbose == 0.

Only solution right now is to downgrade back to 4.0.7, which kinda stinks because we want to use the invalid frame detection feature that seems new in 4.0.8 (ERROR_CODE.CORRUPTED_FRAME is not defined before 4.0.8).

I’m a little surprised this issue made it into a release, to be honest.

@JC3 what module of the SDK are you using?

I’m using body tracking, video, and depth sensing, via the Python SDK.

The hotfix has been deployed, and you can now re-download the C++ installer.
We were testing the performance impact of this feature, and it slipped through the final build. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Fantastic, thanks for the fast response!

Can confirm, everything looks good now.