Bounding boxes do not appear yolov8

The bounding boxes no longer appear in the yolov8 object detection, before they appeared I did not make any modifications to the code, why could it be?

Hi @tyler,

Can you please give more information about your system and configuration? Are you using the C++ or Python API? Are you using the official samples here: GitHub - stereolabs/zed-sdk: ⚡️The spatial perception framework for rapidly building smart robots and spaces

Can you run:


And provide the diagnostic JSON file? This will help troubleshoot your issue.

Thank You.
before it worked fine
i am using the official samples with Python 3.9.18 and Anaconda
this is the diagnostic JSON File.
ZED_Diagnostic_Results.json (13.2 KB)

Can you verify whether it is the yolo model that no longer provides any detections, or the ZED SDK that does not return any objects?

the yolo model does provide detections but the ZED sdk does not return any objects

I was not able to reproduce your issue on the latest release and Ubuntu, I will test on your setup shortly.