Bodytracking Performance Comparison C++ Versus Unity

For animating 20 avatars in real time using skeletal tracking, how does C++ compare with the Unity plugin? I just ran the single avatar sample and it was pretty laggy just with me waving my arms around. Quite disappointing. I would much rather use Unity since I’ve already created a good portion of the application while waiting for my Stereolabs device to arrive, but if it’s never going to possible to get really good performance no matter what computer hardware I use, then I’ll have to switch to C++. Where can I get this sort of information? Has anyone tracked 20+ skeletons in real time in Unity without visible latency?

Hi @CFC, welcome to the forums!

There should be very little difference between the Unity plugin and the C++ sample in pure performance if you take out the impact of the Unity engine itself. However, in the current version, the animation has no smoothing, so the avatars move at the rate of the SDK fps. We’ll bring it out (along with other updates/upgrades in our animation pipeline) in the next release (very soon), and you can try it out on this branch the main branch if you want.

However, are you saying that you were trying the sample with only 1 person in front of the camera, and the avatar was laggy in Unity? Did you also try the C++ sample and see a difference? What hardware are you currently using?

Also, just to understand, you had created most of your application, then you got your camera, and tested it in Unity, or are you waiting for your camera and tried it on SVO?

Finally, I just tested an SVO with 12-ish people, I’m at ~200 fps (engine and animation, with interpolation to smooth the anim) in the sample body tracking scene, with the plugin version on the branch I linked the main branch. Avatars have got smooth moves :slight_smile:


Hi. I’m not using SVO data I’m using live data from a Z-2i. The smoothness of the motion isn’t the problem, it’s the lag in responsiveness. If I raise my arm quikly there is a visible lag of a fraction of a second before the avatars arm is raised, its just overall laggy. I am developing on a Intel(R) Core™ i7-8700K CPU @ 3.70GHz 3.70 GH and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 GB (it’s old). So I suspect that’s the problem so consider the performance issue closed.