BodyFormat 34 discard or ignore hand and head parts

Hello, I would like to know if I can work with 34 parts and make the app ignore the head and hand bones. Is it possible? If so, how would I do it?


Hi @inigopanos ,

Do you mean getting the skeleton data without the hands and head?
I think your best bet is copying the data you want from the BodyData and passing a new array of keypoints you need to the part that needs to use it.

There is no parameter in the SDK to not take the head and hands into account, I’m afraid.


Yes, I meant something like that, because I have noticed that, during my tests, using 34 parts has a negative effect on the feet, as when during certain body motion they seem to get off the ground and do weird moves, which does not happen when using body format 18. However, since I need the back and spine joints from body format 34, I was hoping on reducing the amount of computing it does in order to have a better feet tracking.

If not possible then no worries, thanks for answering so quickly!

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It’s probably an issue with the body_fitting, which wan outputs some undesirable pose in case of occlusion or unpredictable pose.
You can’t disable it in BODY_34 (more like, it will enable itself since it’s just an extension of BODY_18).

Have you tried BODY_38? Do you have the same kind of issues?
Also, have you tried other detection models? Accurate should be pretty reliable.


After downloading Body38 and recalibrating the cameras, the feet work nicely again. In both 34 and 38 I was using accurate model.