Body tracking sample

Dear all, I am trying to run the body tracking example in python but the body tracker window is black and no skeletons are visible in the 2D window. Everything is working because all the hardware is ok for the Diagnostic.
Can anyone help me?

Hello @stroccel, welcome to the forums!

Event though diagnostic is working, can you try ZED Depth Viewer?

If you are on Windows, you can quickly try the built body tracking sample coming in the SDK examples (in samples/bin).

If not, do you get any message in the console?
Can you share an SVO of your sequence?
Can you check if it works if you try the Runner svo on this page with it: samples svo files

Dear JPlou,
thanks a lot for the suggestions. ZED Depth Viewer works well (see attachment) but the built body tracking example gives me the message attached. I have ZED and as I can understand it is not compatible with object tracking. Is there a version working also with ZED?



I’m sorry to say that the Object Detection and Body Tracking modules can’t work with the first model of the ZED due to hardware limitations between it and our SDK.