Body Tracking Sample not working due to cublasLt64_11.dll reference


I am trying to run the body tacking c# sample , with Zed SDK 4.0.3 and CUDA 12.1 on my machine.
This sample stops at optimizing the skeletal structure

Optimizing skeleton_body38_3.5 \  0.3%[>                             ] 33min 14s est. left         Could not locate **cublasLt64_11.dll.** Please make sure it is in your library path!

For Python Sample as well the same issue occured

I checked the CUDA toolkit and it has reference to cublasLt64_12.dll

Can you advise what needs to be done to use the installed cublasLT64 version



Could you run the ZED Diagnostic tool available in the ZED SDK folder and send me the report?
You can share it here or at

I managed to run the sample by installing CUDA 11.7 runtime , specifically cuBLA runtime only so my computer have multiple version of cuDA 12.1 , 11.7

Note: download cuda 11.7 exe(netwrok) and select only runtime and uncheck rest of the options during installtion so that you don’t override your GPU drivers