Body-Tracking Range


I am body-tracking players on a court. My Problem is, that with body-tracking, the vision range is not quiet enough to track the players at the end of the court, however, with object detection it is possible for me to track those players. Is it somehow possible to extend the range of body-tracking? I already tried raising the max_range and depth_maximum_distance parameters.

Thanks in advance!

I now was able to improve the range by lowering the detection_confidence_threshold. Is there a better way to do it? Because the skeletons are very bad for players at the end of the court.

Hello @Dread,

With the ZED 2i camera, we recommend not tracking skeletons over 8m (or 15m for the 4mm model), after that the accuracy is too low to provide good skeletons.
You can try using a better depth or a better detection model to improve your results.