Body Tracking Image errors

I’m using the ZED 2 Camera on a PC with following Hardware/Software:
CPU: Intel i7-4790
GPU: Asus Phoenix GeForce GTX 1650 OC Edition 4GB
Mainboard: Fujitsu D3222-A12GS2
RAM: HyperX Fury HX 316C10FK2/16

OS: Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS
ZED SDK: 3.7.7, but also tested on the new one

I’m running the official Body-Tracking-Example and a costumized program based on the example. The costumized one just reads out some information about the keypoints, GPU and CPU and saves them in a CSV.

After some time, image errors appear that are a mixture of the permanently displayed left and right image. It is independent whether I run the body tracking example or my slightly adapted program of the example. Even programs that only display the image show this error.

I’m running the programs to test the accuracy by filming a picture of me.

@Myzhar : To describe the problem in more detail: The openCV window shows the left image of the camera. After an irregular time period it mixes the left and right image for one frame and jumps back to the normal view. This normally results in a peak in my read out keypoint data and wouldn’t be great for my planned application. I can not add any more pictures as a new user. The current picture shows the mixed image of the left and right camera. I’ve tested this by placing something just infront the right camera.

Hi @dustin51604
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Can you please add more detail and pictures to better understand your problem?

Hi @dustin51604
thank you for the information.

It could be useful if you can record an SVO showing the problem and share it with us (you can use a file sharing service and post the link).
With SVO we can analyze what’s happening frame by frame trying to find the possible cause.

So I’m trying it via Wetransfer:

The error occurs towards the end of the file.

Hi @dustin51604
I noticed the wrong frame #1475.

I recognized the error and I can say that it’s something related to the overloading of the host device, a situation not correctly handled by the USB Host controller that provides a mixed frame.
We are aware of this problem and the team is working on both SDK and USB/UVC drivers side to try to detect this kind of situation and fix it.

Thank you!

Nice to know that it’s not my fault. Could other (newer) Hardware or another OS solve the problem and provide an overload or is it mainly a driver/software problem?

No, there’s no official solution yet.
You can surely add a check in your software to omit detections “out of the possible”.

That would have been the solution anyway, if I do not find another here. Thank you!

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