Body Tracking Ghosting Effect

I have my ZED 2 running body tracking on SDK 3.7.5 with CUDA 11.7.

When people are walking by the camera the skeleton model has this ghost trailing effect where there is a delay so it looks like the skeleton is following them. Sometimes the effect goes away by itself but most of them times it is present and I am not sure why.

What is causing this issue?

Hi @johnsmakar
can you please record a short video demonstrating the problem that you are describing?
In this way, it will be easier to understand it.
Can you also try to update to ZED SDK v3.7.6 and verify if the problem is present also in the latest version?

Hey @Myzhar
I have now updated to 3.7.6 and the issue persists.

Here is a video of the issue: ZED 2 Ghosting - v3.7.6 - YouTube

I just saw the video and the effect is indeed unexpected.
Can you please record an SVO file in the same condition and share it with us sending an email to

Please also share a snippet of code with the setting values used for the skeleton tracking module.

Hey @Myzhar

Just sent out my email with all the info requested. I would love some help as soon as you and your team are able.


Hi @johnsmakar
we are still analyzing your files. I’ll let you know as soon as possible