Body tracking for a cartwheel

Hello – I am trying to use body tracking for tracking acrobatics. A cartwheel seems to be a good test case and I’m focusing on this at the moment with a single camera and the body facing the camera the entire time. I have tried many, many combinations of parameter settings (init_param, body_param, body_runtime_param) and I am not able to get a good quality tracking. The beginning and end of the cartwheel is acceptable, though the middle of the cartwheel is extremely poor with the keypoints/joints going completely haywire. I suspect some features of the middle of the skill that make it challenging include: not seeing the face features, inverted posture, large leg split.

Do you have any advice for capturing skills like this?

Thank you.

Hi @gjc, welcome to the forums!

I must admit the cartwheel is not in our testing routine.
To improve the results for such poses, I would disable the body fitting if it’s enabled, and use the highest fps possible.

To investigate further, I would need an SVO recording (along with a recording of your results would be great) to see the actual results. If you want to, you can either post it here or send it to mentioning this forum post.

Thank you for the response. I have sent an email to Support with the requested information.

Follow-up for anyone interested: After hearing back from Stereolabs support, other than increasing the frame rate, it seems the current body tracking solution does not support things like cartwheels and likely other acrobatics.