Body tracking and object detection is not working for nvidia jetson xavier


I am trying to build the samples object detection and body control from the zed-examples repository and after building and making them getting the following error:

avier@ubuntu:~/zed-examples/body tracking/cpp/build$ ./ZED_Body_Tracking_Viewer
[ZED][INFO] Logging level INFO
[ZED][INFO] [Init] Depth mode: PERFORMANCE
[ZED][INFO] [Init] Camera successfully opened.
[ZED][INFO] [Init] Camera FW version: 1523
[ZED][INFO] [Init] Video mode: HD1080@30
[Sample][Error] enable Object Detection | MODULE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH CAMERA : The object detection module is not compatible with the ZED
Exit program

GPU: jetson xavier
ubuntu 20.04
most of the examples are working

Can you please help me with that?

Thank you,

Hi @elnou
as @obraun-sl already said on Github (please do not cross-post, place your question only in the right place), the Object Detection module of the ZED SDK does not support the ZED camera.
The Object Detection module uses technologies of the ZED Mini, ZED2, and ZED2i cameras that are not available in the first version of the ZED.