Body Format with Fusion

Hi there, I been playing around with the new Fusion API in c++.

In sl::BodyTrackingFusionParameters I found this note “If you enable it and the camera provides data as BODY_18 the fused body format will be BODY_34.
Does that mean using fusion I will always get BODY_18 if I don’t enable body_fitting, or always BODY_34 if I do enable it?

If not, how can I manually choose a Body Format? I tried looking through the fusion header file, but couldn’t really find much there, besides the note I put above.


Hi @mov, welcome to the forums!

If the fitting is enabled in the BodyTrackingFusionParameters, BODY_18 input will always give BODY_34 output.

To use Body_38, all your senders must send Body_38 data.The Fusion will use and output the format sent by the senders, with the exception of Body_18 with fitting which will output body_34.


Ah perfect, thanks makes sense. Thanks!