Backlight handling


As part of my project, I need to reduce the effects of backlight for video frame processing. Using the API, I can manually configure a ZED 2i camera with code by adjusting the exposure or gain. Would a ZED X camera handle this automatically and effectively, or would it require more or less manual management than a ZED 2i? Which objects or methods of the API could assist me the most ? Here is an example.

Thank you in advance for your feedback.

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Hi @Stephane,
This type of issue can be effectively solved only by using HDR CMOS sensors, but we cannot provide this type of solution today.

The ZED X can improve this behavior thanks to the improved ISP control, and thanks to CMOS sensors that have higher sampling dynamics than ZED 2i CMOS sensors.
Also, the selection of the polarizer filter will bring advantages in this type of conditions.

To mitigate the problem with your ZED 2i I recommend setting the Region of Interest for the automatic gain and exposure control to a darker zone of the image (e.g. the road).

On Github you can find examples of how to use this feature, search for AEC_AGC_ROI