Auto Exposure is not working well. (Zed X One 4K)


I am reaching out for assistance with an issue we are experiencing with the Zed X One 4K cameras. We have purchased both the GS and 4K versions of the Zed X One. While the GS version produces accurate images outdoors, the 4K version does not. It appears there may be a problem with the minimum exposure time being too low or possibly a driver issue. We have tested two separate Zed X One 4K cameras, which leads me to believe this is not an isolated product defect. Could you please investigate this matter.

Hi @chungshs
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What is the version of the GMSL2 driver that you are using with your cameras?

Thanks for replying.
I used “stereolabs-zedone4k_1.0.1-ZED-LINK-DUO-L4T35.4.1_arm64.deb”

Please try to install this new drive v1.0.5.

stereolabs-zedone4k_1.0.5-ZED-LINK-DUO-L4T35.4.1_arm64.deb (752.8 KB)

We will soon update the download page to direct retrieve it from the website.

Oh Thanks It works well :slight_smile:
Is there any plan to use camera chip which has led flickering mitigation?

You can set the Anti Banding feature.
Here’s an example:

Thanks for sharing example :slight_smile:

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