Angular velocity is always 0

I recorded the video (.svo file) via the explorer and using the tutorial samples I extracted the sensor data including velocity and acceleration; however angular velocity is always 0. I recorded just the sensor data using sensor viewer and it seems display velocity values. How do I retrieve angular velocity from the svo file? The tutorial code yields angular velocity as 0 for all three axes.

SVO files do not contain accelerations and angular rates, but only the fused orientation of the camera.
This is because accelerations and angular velocities run at higher rate (400Hz) with respect to camera frames (max 100 Hz in VGA mode), hence sampling them at the same frequency would have generated aliases and other sampling problems.

That means the fused orientation (derived from acceleration and velocity) can be retrieved but either of them cannot be retrieved from svo. Is there a mechanism to record the acceleration and velocity simultaneously while the video is being recorded and then retrieve that later?

The SDK does not have this kind of feature.
You must write your own code to do that.