AI Camera Management Platform

Dear Sir,
Thanks a lot for your response to my earlier queries. i was again going through your website and found “AI Camera Management Platform- Use a modern, cloud-based platform to monitor remotely your cameras and collect data.” I could not find any details about this in your documentation. As requested last time, i need to manage and monitor my Zed 2i and Nvidia remotely but not finding any document. request you to please share the documentation and process for this as a standard solution.

Hi @Garima
the AI Camera Management Platform is a feature that will be released in the near future.

Thanks Myzhar, Can you give some more technical details of this solution. But i need it badly to manage my camera at remote site and need standard way of managing Jetson and Zed2i. you can connect me to your technical team to discuss the solution.

You can write an email to