Adding zed camera to robot urdf

I am trying to implement navigation using the zed camera, and the ros navigation stack. When I launch the navigation launch file. The tf tree detaches into 2 - one for the zed camera and the other with the robot and its links. I did see a previous post which mentioned to add the change in camera position in the zed launch file. I did that but it did not help.
Could you tell how to integrate the zed urdf with our robot urdf in detail? the base_link is a common frame in both the trees.

Hi @amoghv17
According to the TF tree that you published the robot is not correctly publishing the base_link frame.
This can be a conflict issue with the robot_navigation stack.
Have you tried to set publish_tf to false in the parameters of the wrapper to disable that part of the tree?
Please note that if you disable the TF publishing you need a well configured external localization structure that publishes the correct TF chain according to the specifications of the REP105