Add ZED plugin to existing project

Hi there,

Is there a step by step documentation on adding zed plugin to existing UE5 project? It’s very inconvenient to build on top of existing sample project.



This documentation is not available yet but we do plan to create one in the near future. We are currently heavily focused on the 4.0 release which has delayed improvements like this one but it is already added to our backlog.

Thanks for your understanding.

Benjamin Vallon

Stereolabs Support

Thanks Benjamin,

Couple more quesitons and many will relate from creative industries building interactive applications and multi camera integrations.

With UE5 now heavy lifting has been moved to UE engine itself. Will there be ability to add multiple cameras to one project and how many cameras can one engine handle (providing high spec system)? With previous UE4 and Livelink aproach at least processing can be done seperatly from UE engine and can be scaled easily. Will UE5 aproach still have LiveLink support?