Acquisition data


I’m looking for data acquisition from a road ride as well as a description of the process for doing plane detection from this data acquisition.

Is there some test data available, that would allow us to test the quality in our prototype before purchasing the camera and go through a lengthy procedure ourselves?

We will be prototyping in Unity3D.



We have some SVOs files that are publicly available here:

The ZED SDK allows you to record large video datasets using H.264, H.265 or lossless compression. The SDK uses Stereolabs SVO format to store videos along with additional metadata such as timestamps and sensor data.

When loading SVO files, the ZED API will behave as if a ZED was connected and a live feed was available. Every module of the ZED API will be available: depth, tracking, spatial mapping and more.

Inside the Unity plugin ( there is a sample showing you the plane detection feature. This part of the documentation explains you how to display the detected plane on the image :

Let me know if you have additional questions.


Benjamin Vallon

Stereolabs Support

Thank you Benjamin,

These videos seem to be recorded from a fixed position, at least, that’s how it looks from the Zed Explorer. I was looking into the data acquisition of someone mapping a larger scene while riding that can be replayed on which i can project a virtual actor.

Is such a media available or possible to acquire? What would be the limitations.


The well sample might be sufficient enough. But a driving a road recording would be nicer.