Access Camera Streamer Feed Without SDK

If I am using the Camera Streaming sample to Fusion for fused skeleton data, is there a way that I can simultaneously access that video stream (similar to how one might with GStreamer) from a non-SDK client?

My application is that I’d very much like the Fused skeleton data, but would also like to monitor and use the video and depth feeds from another client at the same time, while not increasing the load on the Zed Box sender.

Hi @pproctor
the ZED SDK stream is closed, so you can receive and encode it only by using a ZED SDK-based application.

What you can do it to write a GStreamer plugin to ingest the result video into a GStreamer pipeline and receive it on a GStreamer-based application.

Can I send the video to a gstreamer pipeline, while simultaneously sending it to fusion? My concern is that this would be too much load on the Zed Box for it to function effectively.

Yes, that’s possible, but I agree with your concerns regarding ZED Box overloading.
The only way to be sure is by trying.

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We ended up not pursuing this, so unfortunately I can’t confirm whether it’s possible.