About distance and display issues

Hi, I have two questions for help. The first question is about distance. How can I prove that the distance or speed measured by the camera is credible? The second question is that I used yolov5 to train a simple flower detector, As shown, I want it to display the name of the object I detected, such as: flower, instead of class0 as shown in the picture, how can I do this?
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Hi Sage,

Only tests on the field can prove that. You must setup your test bench and then log the data you receive to compare it with the real value that you know.

What example are you using? You must modify the code to print out the correct label for you AI model.

Thank you for your reply, the samples I use are “ZED SDK\samples\object detection\custom detector\python\pytorch_yolov5\detector.py”, I try to modify it