4 ZED X with Dual Card at lower Resolution/Framerate

Hey folks,

I saw the new Quad card is available for preorder which is awesome. I’ve preordered it, but in the meantime while I’m waiting for it to ship for the next couple months I was wondering if the main limitation for the dual card that the quad one improves is the bitrate (10Gb/s for the dual vs 40 Gb/s for the quad)? And if so, if I’m running at lower settings (say 720p at 30hz, which should be ~1/4 the bitrate usage of 1200p at 60hz) if the current dual card would support 4 ZED Xs for now, and I can upgrade resolution/framerate later when the quad one comes in.

Would that work or is there some other power/firmware limitation to running 4 ZED Xs on the dual card?

Hi @Waelyn
there is not only a bandwidth problem when moving from a dual-ZED X configuration to a quad-ZED X configuration.
The ZED X also requires different hardware resources that must be available to connect multiple cameras to the same capture card.