3D from multiple ZED X One

We are interested in working with a larger base width or alternatively instead of using stereo cameras rather use many single-eyed cameras around the scene. It would be great if we could re-use the software written for the current StereoLabs stereo cameras but I did not find explanations about the integration of the ZED X One and the ZED SDK. Is there an ETA ?

Hi @JB_atto

This is subject to change, but we will do our best to make the integration as seamless as possible for “pairs” of ZED X One to be used like one stereo camera with a free baseline. More specifically, the cameras will be calibrated for a baseline set on the user’s side.
I don’t have a more precise ETA than when we start shipping the ZED X One, planned for this coming March.

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Can I please have an update to this - regarding hardware and software (SDK). We are waiting for this … Thanks !

You can find the documentation regarding the ZED X One in stereo mode here Setting up the ZED X One Stereo - Stereolabs

In short, you need to configure the stereo rig from 2 ZED X One, calibrate them, and then use it like a standard ZED in the SDK using the streaming input

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