3.8.2, and 3.8.1, multiple installation same issue with Optimizing models, missing data in Neural Mode

I have multiple cameras, multiple computers, all experience the same issue after a fresh install of ZED SDK. Run the Depth viewer, select neural, wait for Neural to complete, Point cloud is missing data. Deleted the files in resource folder, tried multiple times. I have run the clean, and nrlo many times also.
Seems to get close to 50%, 15 minutes in, and then finishes quickly.

After 4 hours of trying the same thing over and over again it finally displays a point cloud that is not missing data.

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Hi @mcculleyc
when you change ZED SDK version (upgrade or downgrade) we suggest you clean the AI models and start a new optimization process for the new installed SDK version by using the ZED Diagnostic tool.
More info can be obtained with the command ZED_Diagnostic -h or "ZED Diagnostic.exe" -h