ZED SDK 3.3/ CUDA 11.1/Unity/Ubuntu 18.04

Hello ,

I have downloaded the ZED Unity Plugin , I am running Ubuntu 18.04 , ZED SDK 3.3 . I can successfully import the plugin , but i am unable to add camera object in my Hierarchy. I am getting " Unable to instantiate prefab, Prefab may be broken. I have ZED 2 Camera !!

I have browsed the Unity forum and have tried the following.

  1. Reloaded the prefab.


Thanks for reaching us out.

It might come from a missing script.
Did you try to play one of the example scene to see if it is working ?
If not, what version of Unity are you using ? (I’m personally using Unity 2019.4.10)

You can also try to reimport the prefab. For that, right click on the prefab, then click on Reimport.

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Hello , i am using Unity 2019.4.18f1 on Ubuntu 18.04 , i have reinstalled the 3.3 SDK , but NOW Unity is saying ZED SDK is not installed, when i am trying to use Unity.


This error appears when you are not using the same plugin version than the SDK version.
In the mean time, we have released the SDK 3.4 (and the Unity plugin 3.4), so make sure you have installed the 3.3 (or 3.4) version for both of them.

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Please check 3.4 Unity plugin in not like 3.3 , i cannot import it as a Unity Package , any clues what is wrong ? Its not a unity package extension , if i rename the file to .Unitypackage , even than cannot import !!


Only the source code on the plugin was available for the 3.4 (a compressed folder).
I added the unitypackage for 3.4.

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I have upgraded to ZED SDK 3.4 and running Unity 2019.4.18f1 Personal . My Zed SDK runs fine from and all other things are working .

Still Unable to use Unity , I have attached some errors,which i am getting !!

  1. DllNotFoundException: sl_unitywrapper

  2. NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    ZEDRenderingPlane.OnRenderImage (UnityEngine.RenderTexture source,
    UnityEngine.RenderTexture destination) (at
    UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent(Int32, IntPtr) (at

X server took longer than 2005 milliseconds to respond to SetGtkWindowSizeAndPosition.
UnityEditor.TooltipView:Show(String, Rect, GUIView)

Benjamin, Any idea, how to get this working?


  • You can first verify that the “libslunity_wrapper.so” lib is present in the plugin (at this location : https://github.com/stereolabs/zed-unity/tree/master/ZEDCamera/Assets/ZED/SDK/Plugins/linux).

  • Run ldd libsl_unitywrapper.so in a terminal at the location of the lib and send me the output.

  • Then, can you confirm that you installed the 3.4 version for the ZED SDK and the ZED Unity plugin ?

  • And, if you can run the ZED Diagnostic tool (within the ZED SDK folder, in Tools), and send me the result (the JSON file), it would be nice.

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Yes shared Library is in under the Linux plugin

attaching Screenshot of result, I got with ldd libsl_unitywrapper.so

I confirm that Zed sdk 3.4 is installed.

Attaching Json file for Zed diagnostic ( Sorry UPLOAD OF JSON FILE IS NOT ALLOWED ON YOUR WEBSITE)

Also attaching Screenshots of error , I am getting.


Thanks for your help, the issue is solved now.
The lib was built on Ubuntu20 which prevented the plugin to work on previous versions.

You can now download the 3.4 unity package again and your issue will be fixed.
Do not forget to delete your old package before importing the new one.

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Hi Benjamin,

There are certain issues:

Only the following Examples are working

  1. Dark Room

  2. Planetarium


  4. Object Placement

Rest All Not working !!

  1. Spatial Mapping Crashes the Unity App and app closes. (Error png enclosed)


  2. Object detection not working, error png enclosed !!


I had a look at issues in Github, copied the Cuda bin and library files into unity Editor. Now only Spatial Mapping is not working.

Object detection demo works now, please let me know, can this spatial mapping issue be resolved?

Unity is crashing as soon as i start Spatial Mapping !!

Try to change this line here

Set the last parameter to 2048 instead of 4096.
For some reason, Unity on ubuntu does not support memory higher than 4Gb. You can set any number below 4096 (4095 works for example).

Hi Obraun ,

I have 64Gb of Ram and 10gb+ of Vram , will i not be able to take advantage of this on Unity in Ubuntu 18.04 for Spatial memory , by restricting the size , will this affect performance of spatial mapping ?

Thank You so much Zed Team , especially Obraun and Benjamin . Finally Spatial Mapping is Working.

I replaced the value with 4095 !! in line as specified by Obraun.

But How to optimize operation of Zed Camera on Unity SDk , Camera fails to load certain times, it continues to run after the app has stopped.

I have to disconnect it and connect it again for it to work.

How to make the operation of ZED 2 camera smoother in Unity Sdk.

Like after i tired Spatial Imaging, stopped the camera and try to restart, it fails to load.

I have to disconnect and reconnect ZED 2 Camera.

We will check that. I think that’s only on Linux since I did not encounter this issue on windows.

Regarding spatial mapping, setting to a lower value does not impact the performance but you won’t be able to scan very large areas.
However 4095 should be enough.

What to do , if i want to scan large areas, i should switch to build on Windows ( Unity ) ?

Hi, My plane detection sample in Unity is showing, a dark black mapped surface instead of mesh in your website, do I need to add some component to Zed Plane Detection Manager?


Commenting this line https://github.com/stereolabs/zed-unity/blob/master/ZEDCamera/Assets/ZED/SDK/Helpers/Shaders/PlaneDetection/GeometryWirePlane.shader#L30 should fix the issue.

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