Slow startup in ROS

I use the ZED 2i with a Jetson AGX Xavier and I saw that it takes some seconds to start the camera in ROS. Is there a way to speed it up?

Hi @gpodann
Is this latency present only in ROS or can you experience it also by starting ZED Depth Viewer or other tools?
What ZED SDK version are you using?

The Depth Viewer is crashing after start. Same issue as ZED_Depth_Viewer on Jetson Nano .
I’m using 3.7.

And within ROS. After running the launch file I see i.e. that the ZED si detected and opened. And then it advertises to all topics and after that I receive the image. So in my opinion everything works fine, I just get the first image 5-10secs after running the launch file.

Hi @gpodann
the Jetson Nano elaboration power is limited, so maybe that you are using a configuration that is pushing it too much.
What Resolution, Frame rate and active modules do you have?
Are you running Rviz on the Nano?

I use the Jetson AGX Xavier, just mentioned the Nano thread as it is the same error orcurring while starting the depth viewer.
within ROS the resolution is set to 1080p, 15 FPS and depth mode neural. And in addition I activated the IMU. Rviz is deactivated.