Python API out-of-date

Hi Stereolabs,

I see that the Python API has not been updated for the past couple of months.
I would like to make use of new features in the SDK (such as Camera::setRegionOfInterest or PositionalTrackingParameters::depth_min_range) and I would love to experiment with Matobjects with type MEM:GPU. I believe I can achieve some great speed gains in my applications if all of these features would be exposed in the Python API.

Can you give me any updates as to when we can expect to see updates to the Python API?

I’m currently using pyzed 3.8 in my python project - Windows 10/11, python 3.10, CUDA 11.7. I assume that you installed SDK 3.8, have you run again? I had trouble getting it installed originally (I had installed python 3.11, but the python wrapper doesn’t support that version yet AND the error message was incredibly misleading), but it’s working fine right now. I can add depth_min_range to the positional tracking parameters successfully.

Okay, so the reason I did not find new functionalities was that there was no activity on GitHub in recent months. I was also looking at a cached version of the API reference as I found no trace of set_region_of_interest or depth_min_range anywhere.
I am also on pyzed 3.8 and will try it out now since I see the added functions in the API reference now.

Is the aforementioned GitHub repository no longer active?

I could not help but notice that py_mat is used in the function description of set_region_of_interest but roi_mask is used in the parameter definition. I suppose it should be the latter everywhere.

The zed-python-api Github repository containing the pyzed sources has been updated for 3.8.

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Thank you @adujardin for keeping the GitHub repo up to date!
Any update on the sl.MEM.GPU functionality in the Python API?
I also noticed that My PR went stale. Could you please have a look at it?

I am somehow struggling with the compilation from scratch, will there be an update for the wrapper soon or am I doing anything wrong? I’m getting this message from it

Detected platform:
Python 3.9
→ Checking if exists and is available
Error downloading whl file (HTTP Error 403: Forbidden)

Unsupported platforms, no pyzed file available for this configuration
It can be manually installed from source GitHub - stereolabs/zed-python-api: Python API for the ZED SDK

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@schluppsel Did you use the script from the ZED SDK 3.8 installer ? The correct link should be (that currently points to

Yes I did. The issue seems to be that my platform is recognised as “win” and not “win_amd64”?

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You can download the whl file from the link I gave you for now. We’ll work on a fix for the script. It should try the correct URL in your case

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After a stupid mistake on my side that did the job, thanks