Huge Lag On Streamed Fusion

I am using the camera setup outlined in this thread. After I successfully connect to four or two cameras, I see a huge lag in the skeleton tracking - over 15 seconds! The lag is present in both the Zed360 tool, and the “multi-camera body tracking” fusion sample. I do not see a lag when I simply stream video from the cameras using the “camera streaming receiver” example.

The issue here was network latency. Using a 10Gb server with 1Gb Zed Boxes was slowing everything to a crawl. Forcing all the machines to 1Gb resolved the issue.


I’m running with setup which 8 jetson Xavier NX , on local streaming to a host computer . Just by running one camera without depth stream with Zed Explorer , I have a lot of frame drop . (It’s 30fps HD1080)

Any idea ?

I would try going to 720p, that’s what we’re using with minimal lag.